Most of the objects in this display were provided by the Piano Technicians Guild Foundation, from its Jack Wyatt Museum. Most of the action models, and many of the tools, are on loan from Jack and Rick Wyatt, who graciously gave permission for them to appear here. New modern tuning hammers were provided by Steven Fujan, Nate Reyburn, Charles Faulk, and Dan Levitan.

We would also like to acknowledge the following entities who made this possible by their continuous support.


Thank you to the PTGF Board

President – Claude Harding
Vice President – Joyce Meekins
Secretary-Treasurer – Fred Sturm
Director – Melanie Brooks
Director – Dave Conte
Director – Carl Lieberman
Director – Lucy Urlacher


Thank you to the NAMM Museum

Carolyn Grant – Executive Director
Jonathan Piper – Manager of Museum Collections
and Exhibitions
B.J. Morgan – Marketing Manager


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Thank you to the CA State Conference
For sponsoring the Virtual Museum.

Bruce Stevens – President

Thank you to Carl Lieberman
For overseeing the creation of the virtual museum.


Thank you to Spacepost for the production of the virtual museum.

Stanley Bishop-Rosal – Technical Director
Sarah Drake – Assistant Director
Donovan Adams – Computer Science
Gary Weiznecker – Operations Manager